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    We’ve all heard a great deal about the horrific ordeal that those three young women in Cleveland had to endure for a decade.

    We’ve also heard a lot about the unlikely hero (or one of a few) Charles Ramsey.  No doubt, while others may have taken the easier route and turned away or walked back into their home to avoid getting in the middle of someone else’s “business,”  he did a brave thing and got involved.  Kudos to Charles!

    Every time we hear the story – we hear about the half-eaten Big Mac.  Or the “McDonald’s dinner.”  Or “Eatin’ my McDonald’s, Bro.”

    What caught our eye – from a professional perspective – was the tweet from McDonald’s.

    It reads simply:

    McDonald's Tweet

    McDonald’s Tweet


    Some are calling McDonald’s on it – saying they’re capitalizing on a tragedy.  We think it’s a great and subtle way to acknowledge the situation they were repeatedly brought into, “salute the courage” of the victims, and appropriately shout-out to one of the heroes.

    Ramsey has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want any reward money – any money should go to the victims.  That’s a fantastic sentiment.  He even says he doesn’t need the money as he has a job (he’s a dishwasher at a local restaurant).

    McDonald’s is not tweeting specifics (at least not yet).  They’re not overdoing it. They just gave a wink and a nod… in a profound and kind of exciting way.

    If he doesn’t want any money, perhaps they shouldn’t give it to him.

    Maybe they should buy him a house, instead.

    But – perhaps – they shouldn’t tweet about that.  Let others do it for them.




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