• Content Development

    There are two reasons people hire us to help them develop meeting or MarCom content (besides the fact that we’re good at it!):

    Either they just don’t have the bandwidth – they know what they want and could do it themselves… if they could find more hours in the day (and week, and month).

    Or, they’re looking for a new way of doing things.  They may want an edge that sometimes comes with outside creative influence.  Or they have an awards program that takes entirely too long and they’re looking for ideas on how to cut the time.  Or they have a less-than-dynamic speaker that they want to help promote.

    We can help – as an extension of your team (that’s how we work with every client).  We can help you develop or polish your vision – and we can put it into action.

    • Strategic Agenda Creation 
    • PowerPoint and Keynote slides
    • Pre-produced video projects
    • On-site video (testimonials, walk-in red carpet style interviews)
    • Executive Speech Development
    • Award and Recognition Program Development (from flow to copy to slides to blocking… magic can be made)
    • Room drop ideation and fulfillment  (why is this under content?  Because they should matter… they should connect with the message)
    • Magic Memories – moments in time your audience will remember forever

    We’re not a full-service agency (when’s the last time you heard a company admit that?)  But there’s nothing we can’t do – with a little help from our friends.  If you are looking for staging and AV… for in-room audio/video… and for a full production team, we know a guy.  Or two.  And we can help manage that process.

    But for most of our clients, we’re the secret weapon.  The special sauce.  The little something extra – that makes an enormous difference.  

    Make Meetings Better