• Audience Interaction

    An Interactive Audience is a more engaged, aware, and involved one.  

    Our signature products contain a wide variety of audience engagement tools including:

    • Handheld Audience Response Systems (ARS)
      • Instant input on any topic, planned or impromptu
      • Thematic “gaming” and trivia engagement for walk-in or other mind breaks
      • They work without internet and without cell service (which can be unpredictable in a ballroom)
      • Responses can be anonymous or coded to the individual
      • First Responder option (to recognize the first right answer)
      • And so much more
    • Virtual Audience Response Systems
      • Using cell phone texting, smart phone, tablet, notebook or desktop web access, we get instantaneous feedback from people around the room – or around the world.  We’ve worked with audiences from 150 in a ballroom to 25,000 in hundreds of locations around the world.
      • Used with your “Town Hall” meeting broadcast system, we add interactivity and real-time feedback from your audience.
    • Text-Out™ All-Audience Text Message Delivery
      • Everyone in the room – or around the country (or the world) can get the same text message within moments.
      • We’ve simultaneously messaged people in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.
      • Text messages can be delivered to custom subsets (table or dinner assignments, golf groupings, etc.)
      • People don’t have to “know how to text” to receive a message.
    • Call-Out All-Audience Voice Messaging
      • Using our call-out technology, you can call (and leave a message if they don’t answer) thousands of people within minutes.
      • Calls can be ad hoc (meeting room or agenda change) or planned (“Welcome to our event!  Looking forward to seeing you tonight…”)
      • Calls can be to entire audience or any subset


    Make Meetings Better