• Tactical Abyss™

    Tactical Abyss means different things to different people.  If you ask any of the three authors, you’ll get at least slightly different answers.

    But one thing we agree on – is that doing the right thing right is much more important than doing things right.

    Far too many people planning and executing otherwise fantastic meetings, conferences, and MarCom events fail to answer the key question:  “What will my audience think, say, do, and remember as a result of attending?”  Furthermore, what will the company or sponsor learn from the audience?  That’s where we can help.  From our traditional and new-media Audience Response Systems that promote interactivity and two-way learning with your audience to helping you design a strategic event plan that supports your organization’s objectives – we can help you get a better Return on your Objective.

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    From the intro:

    “Today’s Do’er is Tomorrow s Unemployed If You re Not Adding Value, You’re Endangered.Tactical Abyss(tm) takes you on a powerful journey into the world of Marketing Communications.A journey that explores: WHY MarCom jobs are the first to be lost. WHO is responsible for the pain. WHAT it takes to transform your job and department into a corporate necessity. HOW you can soar when others are sinking.And WHEN and WHERE you should start making changes. Do you know how to instantly increase your perceived worth and secure your future, regardless of your job or title? In today’s Do more with less business environment, do you find yourself spending more time working piecemeal and doing tasks than PLANNING, CONSULTING, and DRIVING STRATEGY?Does what you do, day-in and day-out, make a positive contribution to your company’s bottom line? Tactical Abyss provides an inside-out look at these crucial questions and so much more. You ll discover how those who function in the Tactical Abyss are MarCom’s Greatest threat; why just paying attention to detail will ultimately lead to your demise; and how integrated strategic thinking will prevent personal, professional, and corporate sinking.Avoid the void learn how to escape the Abyss.Once you discover the difference between tactical execution and strategic contribution, you ll soar higher and faster than you ever thought possible.”
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